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The visit and view of FIIT internet webpages does not entail the gathering of recording of personal data of the visitors.
Any personal data collected are supplied voluntarily by the visitors when filling in the duly identified forms. In these cases, FIIT assumes the commitment to not give them to a third party nor use them outside the purpose for which they are collected.
For the purpose of counting of statistics of access to FIIT websites, on each visit the following data is recorded: geographic location of the visitor (country and city), webpages visited, time data of the visit (hour, day of the week and duration of the visit), computing resources used (web browser, operative system, monitor resolution), and referral website.
If the User intends any further clarification about the privacy police of this website, the user can come into contact with FIIT.


The content of these webpages, including the design, text and images, is propriety of FIIT and its authors or owners, being protected by copyright. Therefore, it is forbidden any commercial usage, total or partial, without the explicit authorization of FIIT. The unauthorized commercial usage of any element of these webpages, may result in civil and criminal liability.
Quotation, reference or access to these webpages content with non-commercial aims is permitted provide the source is mentioned.

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