About FIIT

FIIT – Foundation for Technological Investigation and Innovation is a legal person of private law, with a non-profit purpose, created on 14th June 2015.

The FOUNDATION aims technological investigation and innovation, training, organization
of conferences, congresses, seminars, forums and other related sociocultural activities,
developing its activities in national territory and abroad.

Goals of the FOUNDATION

  • Contribute for the investigation
  • Generate and disseminate knowledge in the area of new technologies
  • Create ties with social-economic activity
  • Support and stimulate investigation projects in the areas of electricity, energy and renewable energy
  • Encourage and support projects of technological innovation
  • Create specific programmes of support of social activities
  • Propose and carry out programs for professional education and training
  • Foster technological investigation
  • Stimulate and promote interprofessional actions
  • Investigate and innovate in methodologies of interformative programmes
  • Promote all partnerships that can lead to its purposes.


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