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The Foundation FIIT – Foundation for Technological Investigation and Innovation is a legal person of private law, with a non-profit purpose, which aims to be an asset for the common good.

For the ends to which it proposes, it intends to direct its activities in the areas of Culture in diverse aspects, in a sociocultural approach, and with ecological and cultural activities, valuing also the cultural heritage through projects of industrial archaeology specifically in the areas of electricity and energy; teaching and education.

Aiming a better quality of life for the citizens, privileging through their participation,
in the programmes of professional training the Dual system, in the professional schools
of corporate reference EPP/EPRE the Foundation will engage with the companies
and other local and regional agents in order to enhance them.

In the Science of research and technological innovation, namely in the areas of renewable
for the sustainable economic development, through project with threefold
partnerships companies/universities/local agents, proceeding to the formation in that
area, since it considers that there is a lack to be filled.

Therefore in the strict compliance of the bylaw purposes, activities to develop
and objectives outlined and with the management policies exposed in its bylaw
to which intends to be linked, the FIIT- Foundation for Technological
Investigation and Innovation has as a common thread the defence of a set
of values such as integrity, transparency, legality, responsibility among other,
standards of conduct that link all its governing bodies and contributors in its activities,
and in that measure this code of conduct should be a reference.


Best Practice Code

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