Mission / Values / Vision

The constitution of FIIT- Foundation for Technological Investigation and Innovation lies on a mission with values and vision that contributes to fill in the need of technological investigation and innovation in all economic and social aspects, and anticipate the need of the existence of new skills.


Aligned with the innovative and strategic needs of sustainability and with the noble values of its Founders, the Foundation assumes the mission to stimulate the participation of citizens in the technological investigation and innovation through a set of actions and specific activities.


The values of the FOUNDATION lie on the commitment and rigor in the Cooperation with all public and private entities. In the Valorisation of the part of the Founders, Partners and other benefactors. In the excellency of the work developed in the pursuit of its purposes and aims of the FOUNDATION. In the autonomy and independence of the FOUNDATION in the face of any interests, than those defined in the regulation.
Rigor and efficiency in the management of the resources are also a noble value of the FOUNDATION.


The FOUNDATION intends to be a Pole of reference for Technological Investigation and Innovation, in Portugal and in the World, through its multiple activities, in narrow cooperation and partnerships with entities and other partners, which in a sustainable way, may attract diverse and innovative projects.

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